A Soft Place To Fall



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Allison Moorer                                                        

Allison Moorer                     &                     Gwil Owen

         (1972)                                                                                                                       (1960)     


                 Allison Moorer

performed by   Allison Moorer     


The song was featured in the film "The Horse Whisperer", and won an Academy nomination for best original song 1999.



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 Carmen Ezgeta

                                               Daylight has found me here again
                                         You can ask me anything, but where I've been
                                 Things that used to matter seem so small
                           When you're looking for a soft place to fall

                   Don't misunderstand me, baby, please
             I didn't mean to bring back memories
       You should know the reason why I called
I was looking for a soft place to fall

Looking for a soft place
       Nothing more than a small taste
             Of a love that ended long ago
                     Looking for a place to hide
                           A warm bed on a cold night
                                   I didn't mean to hurt you
                                         No, no, no

                                                 Looking out your window at the dawn
                                                       Baby, when you wake up, I'll be gone
                                                               You're the one who taught me after all
                                                                     How to find a soft place to fall

                                                                             You're the one who taught me after all
                                                                                   How to find a soft place to fall